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Helios Urban

Small but practical

Do you dream of growing your own vegetables, but have a relatively small garden? Then the Helios Urban Hobby greenhouse is the ideal solution for you. This greenhouse fits perfectly in a small city garden or on a terrace.

This way you can still get started with your green thumbs!


  • Top-quality tubular profiles for optimal durability
  • 4 mm tempered safety glass
    Up to 7 times stronger than garden glass, which breaks into small, harmless fragments in the event of damage. 
  • 1 sliding door
  • 1 slatted window

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Tag Type Notes Upload date Link
Assembly instructions HELIOS Animation-3D Instructions for assembly based on a HELIOS SENIOR/MASTER (may lead to insight on other models as well) 2023/05/09
Online 3D-configurator Link Configure your JANSSENS-greenhouse online! 2021/03/15
Brochure 2023 Brochure Download brochure 2023 2023/02/28
Foundation drawing HELIOS URBAN Foundation Basic dimensions outside base profile on HELIOS URBAN 2021/03/17
Assembly instructions HELIOS URBAN Manual-PDF Instructions for assembly as delivered with the product HELIOS URBAN 2022/11/29
Assembly instructions accessories Manual-PDF Instructions for assembly of accessories (not all models) 2022/11/29
Assembly instructions accessories Animation-3D Instructions for assembly of accessories (doors, windows, ...) 2021/03/16
Mounting video on HELIOS URBAN Video Mounting video on HELIOS URBAN (may lead to insight on other models) 2021/03/17
Foundation detail: corner anchor Video Video on how to anchor the corners in concrete (in limited cases) 2021/03/17
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