The characteristics
of our greenhouses

On most basic models no full concrete foundation is needed. After assembly of the greenhouse the 4 corners should be anchored in concrete.
A very solid base profile supplied as standard. (can be anchored in concrete)
Extremely solid ridge profile with the option of applying decorative ridge cresting and finials.
Tubular aluminium glazing bars that are among the most sturdy in today’s hobby greenhouse market.
All greenhouses are equipped with gutters, condensation channels and water downpipes dia 40mm.
Glazing is done by rubber strips for optimal water and wind proofing.
All JANSSENS greenhouses are supplied with 4mm toughened glass in full length panes by default. This glass is to 6 times stronger than ordinary glass and more resistant to wear. Chances of breakage are greatly diminished, moreover, the glass breaks into thousands of pieces so that risk of injury when a breakage occurs is remote. Edges are polished to ensure ease of assembly and to avoid cuts.
All fittings, bolts and nuts are supplied in stainless steel.
All models (except for custom-models) are supplied with a step-by-step-manual + mounting video.
The paintwork is always done by means of high quality powder coating with a long service life to the Qualicoat norm.
10 years limited warranty on production failures in the aluminium frame. All moving parts are given 1 year warranty. This warranty covers the supply of materials and excludes other costs such as labor.
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