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EOS Royal T-model MUR

Spacious greenhouse in romantic style

This unique romantic style greenhouse with Victorian elements fits in nicely with any garden style. Thanks to the classic shape and pointed roof of this model, you will enjoy a lot of space and light coming in from the inside of the greenhouse.

The high-quality aluminium from which the greenhouse is constructed ensures that you can enjoy your greenhouse for years without any maintenance.

Interested in this model? Then we recommend its installation by professionals.


  • Aluminum with black or white powder coating
    Top-quality tubular profiles for optimal durability
  • 4 mm tempered safety glass
    Up to 7 times stronger than garden glass, which breaks into small, harmless fragments in the event of damage. 
  • Standard gutter height of 181 cm
  • 1 double revolving door
    The position of the double door is in the projection for a wide passageway WITHOUT any steps.
  • 2 slatted windows
  • 4 skylights

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