Action Model
EOS Junior T-model MUR

Stylish black conservatory

o you like to get your hands dirty, but also attach importance to style? Then the Eos Junior T-model Mur conservatory is ideal for you. This spacious T-shaped garden conservatory with its pointed roof and Victorian ridge ornamentation will look beautiful in larger, manicured gardens.

This conservatory can be a perfect addition to a traditional or modern garden. The black powder coating gives the conservatory a modern look, while the Victorian roof elements give it a traditional touch.

Thanks to the high-quality aluminium from which the greenhouse is constructed, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free gardening pleasure.


  • Aluminum in black lacquered finish
    Top-quality tubular profiles for optimal durability
  • 4 mm tempered safety glass
    Up to 7 times stronger than garden glass, which breaks into small, harmless fragments in the event of damage. 
  • Standard gutter height of 161 cm
  • 1 sliding door
  • 2 skylights
    Freely selectable during assembly.

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Assembly instructions JUNIOR T MUR Animation-3D Instructions for assembly based on a JUNIOR T MUR 2023/05/09
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